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How do I routinely clean hardwood floors



I have seen those units like shark floor cleaner and all.   I just need something to go over my floors occasionally to pick up dust bunnies, light dirt and to give it back that shiny look again.


I'm really not looking for anything that would require me lugging out a large, loud, heavy machine to go over my floors like I'm running a small business in my house.  lol

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Posted 2011-03-27T14:49:03+0000  by shawnj985 shawnj985

PS.  The shark system may be just what I need but I just need more advice.  thanks.

Posted 2011-03-27T14:51:09+0000  by shawnj985

Hello shawnj985, Chrisfixit here. My housemate and I recently had to ask this very same question as the upstairs of our new place is all hardwood flooring. He also has a dog that sheds for absolutely no reason at all :robotmad:. So after talking with the flooring associates at my store I've been given two solutions. Both Bruce and Bona floor cleaners receive great comments from the flooring department and they said either would be an excellent choice. I've attached links to both products. I hope this is helpful.




Bona Floor Cleaning Kit



Bruce Floor Cleaning Kit


Posted 2011-03-27T17:38:46+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Thanks, ChrisFixIT

Posted 2011-03-27T21:45:42+0000  by shawnj985

No problem happy to help!



Posted 2011-03-28T13:41:30+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Great information. Overall, the maintenance of hardwood flooring is quite easy. Much of your day to day cleaning can be done by dry dust mopping or running the vacuum (No beater bar allowed). This will keep the floor free from dust and debris. When further cleaning is needed, you should certainly be careful of what you use. You do not want to use heavy amounts of water. Also, there are many products that you should avoid as they will leave films and may even cover the floor's original beauty and shine. Old home remedies and solutions are another area to be very careful with as they can also have adverse effects on your floor. The best products are WOOD floor specific products such as those mentioned in previous posts or ROBERTS Wood, Laminate, and Vinyl Floor Cleaner (Pictured below). These types of products are formulated for use on wood floors and will help you maintain your floor for years to come.







Posted 2011-04-15T13:21:08+0000  by QEPPRO
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