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How do I select the proper size for a kitchen ventilation fan?

I want to add a ventilation fan for a 10 x 12 kitchen.  It has a ductless fan in the range hood.  Can I use a 50 CFM bathroom fan?

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Posted 2013-05-11T18:47:00+0000  by Cal--678 Cal--678

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I'm not sure I am quite understanding your you want to keep your existing vent-free range hood but still install an additional vent fan in the ceiling? Or are you thinking about replacing the range hood with a bathroom fan?


If it were me, I would keep the existing range hood (which I think is what you were referring to).


According to our Buying Guide for Range Hoods & Range Hood Ventilation:


"Units with higher CFM rates move more air, and the Home Ventilating Institute, a nonprofit organization that certifies products and provides consumer information in the field of residential ventilation, recommends a minimum of 40 CFM for every linear foot of range. So, if you have a 3' range, you’d need a range hood with at least 120 CFM. For gas cooktops, a good estimate is to have 1 CFM for every 100 BTUs of power the stove has."


With that said, you can place a 50 CFM bath fan in the ceiling near the cooktop, provided the existing range hood is working. Also, you'll need to run a ventilation system through the attic leading to outside of the house to provide adequate airflow.


Update us if you have any additional questions or concerns.




Posted 2013-05-11T20:01:42+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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