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How do I soundproof a room from elevator noises?

My apartment is right next to the building's elevator, which makes loud noises when it moves up and down. How do I soundproof the room?


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Posted 2013-11-16T14:10:40+0000  by platypus platypus

Hey platypus,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


You actually have a lot of choices when it comes to trying to soundproof the room. Some can be simple, but some can involve a bit more work. In either case, I can't guarantee you'll have a deaded sound from the elevator, but you can signficantly reduce it.


As stated earlier, there can be a lot of things you can use to reduce the sound. The really absolute best way is to built or get into the walls and install an acoustical barrier. Shown below, this is installed behind drywall in order for it to be the most effective.


Click on it below for more information.


While I realize you are renting and the landlord may not like the idea of having the walls tore out, it wouldn't hurt to check to see if it can be done. At minimum, you can fasten to the existing walls.


There are other sound reduction items we sell, but the one above is really the best that has been tried and true. I'll be the first to admit that we don't carry as large of a selection of sound reducing materials as the rest of the industry so with that can do a little research online to see what would be the best option for you.


Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.


Posted 2013-11-16T20:27:39+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thank you for your suggestion, Joseph. You mentioned that I can fasten the existing walls at a minimum. How do I do that? I'm new to this...

Posted 2013-11-17T13:12:04+0000  by platypus

We had a review on the product page that suggested installing it like a wallpaper and even painting over it.



Being that you are in an apartment, I would try either metal tacks or even self sticking velcro strips.




Posted 2013-11-17T15:00:11+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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