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How do I stop my front entry door from slamming closed?

I am having a major problem. My front entry door is always being slammed shut.  The walls and ceiling have cracked and I'm currently getting them fixed but that's not going to solve the problem. A friend suggested new weather striping and I put it up at the end of last summer but it's all ready seems to be in need of replacement. It's pretty flat and pointless at this point.  I read about dampers but I can only find them for cabinet doors. I do not know if they would be strong enough or even work. I know nothing about dampers. Any suggestions or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.




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Posted 2013-05-01T04:24:25+0000  by M22 M22

Hello M22 and welcome to the community!


I have a fix for you, this will take care of someone slamming the door. Install a Commercial Door Closer, then every time someone opens the door, the closer will shut the door slowly. If you want to keep the door propped open, use a rubber wedge.





Posted 2013-05-02T18:38:29+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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