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How do change the connector on my soaker hose, and what do I need to buy?

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Posted 2013-08-22T20:06:02+0000  by bah bah

If its a flat style soaker hose, I think you are out of luck.  But if its a round hose than the mending process is the same as a regular hose.  The hose repair parts are usually in the outside garden area.  You can replace either end (male or female) with a new push in fitting and a hose clamp.

Posted 2013-08-22T20:43:44+0000  by kabatc

kabatc is correct. If it is a flat hose, you probably will not be able to replace the connection. 


If it is a round hose, repair kits are available.5/8 in. and 3/4 in. Hose Mender KitDetermine the size of the soaker hose and purchase the kit for that size. This will be the inside diameter (I.D.) of the hose, not the fitting size to the faucet. (Those are standard hose fittings for garden hoses.)


Accessories like Quick Connects can be added to soaker hoses, but the soaker needs to have both ends in working order to add the accessory.


Quick Connect Kit


If you want to make a more permanent change to your soaker by connecting it to PVC, for instance, we have adaptors for that, too.


3/4 in. Slip x FHT PVC Fitting3/4 in. Slip x MHT PVC Fitting 


These adaptors will connect the soaker directly to PVC pipe. 


Other adaptors can hook up to in-ground sprinkler systems, and more. Working hose ends are required for any of these applications, so if the soaker hose end is damaged, repair the end first.





Posted 2013-08-23T14:16:23+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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