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How do i fix an inside door that has come off the hinge and the wood is split on the wall?

I have a old trailer and the bed room door has completly came off the wall the wood were it is supposed to screw in id worn out and split, how can i fix this 

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Posted 2013-09-05T05:03:52+0000  by jbeach jbeach

Hi Jbeach,


The best solution is to replace the wood door jamb and reattach the door.


If replacing the wood is not possible try gluing the wood together and repositioning the hinges either higher or

lower on the jamb to rehang the door.


Door hinges have two parts held together with a pin. Remove the pins and remove the door hinges


To reposition the hinges, remove the top hinge, locate a good solid section of door jamb, hold the hinge against the jamb and mark the location.


Next do the same with the bottom hinge, make sure both hinges are the same distance from the top and bottom of the door.


Now use a chisel to cut out the hinge mounting in the wood, just deep enough so the hinges lay flush with the wood

install the hinges on the jamb.


Next place the door in the opening, using shims to center it, make the hinge locations on the door and cut those out the same way you cut the door jamb.


Install the hinges on the door and rehang  the door.



Posted 2013-09-05T17:48:02+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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