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How do i put up wall borders?

Hello, I recently purchased wall borders on line. I thought they were peel and stick because the info given said PEELABLE. However, This is not the case. Now I am stuck with wall borders that i do not know how to put up. UGGGH!!!

Can someone please give me some direction?

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Posted 2013-05-12T07:24:33+0000  by cclose01 cclose01

The term "peelable" unfortunately is referring to time that you are removing the boarder.  It basically means that the top layer will easily come off and the bottom layer can be wetted and easy scraped off.


Most boarders that are labeled "peelable" are pre-pasted and only need to be activated to apply them to the wall.  To activate - fill up a sink or a bucket with warm and soak the boarder for about a minute.  Sometimes just a loose roll will work or just slowly trailing through the water.


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While the boarder is activated (a slimy feel) put it in place.  You will have time to move it around in position before it dries. Wipe the surface down and you are done.


If for some reason the boarder is not pre-pasted you can by a small amount of boader paste and apply it to the back with a small brush.


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Posted 2013-05-13T20:01:11+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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