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How do i remove the stationary glass door of a sliding door? We removed sliding with no problem.

We removed the sliding glass door with no problem but are having a hard time figuring out how to remove the stationary unit. There are no visible screws or put-cap screw covers, so we are at a loss at how to remove the stationary door from here! 

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Posted 2013-06-22T19:09:30+0000  by megwright megwright

Hi Meg,


There should be a trim panel at the top and bottom of the stationary unit which can be removed.


Under these panels should be the mounting screws for the stationary panel.


Remove the screws and slide the panel to the right or left until it disengages from the retaining frame holding it in place.


Lift the door panel upward with a helper, until it clears the bottom track of the frame. Tilt the door toward you and slide it from the top track of the frame until the door is clear of the unit.



Posted 2013-06-27T23:49:06+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hi Mike. Can you go into more detail? I have a masterpiece door set and I'm trying to remove the stationary panel. Where is the trim in question? Anyway you can take a picture of the trim? Thanks!
Posted 2018-03-03T21:33:17+0000  by adamkry
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