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How do you measure for Window Screens

We don't have window screens and want to purchase new screens but how do you measure to get the correct size?

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Posted 2011-03-10T18:23:27+0000  by Kimg1980 Kimg1980

Hi Kimg1980, this is Mike the Home Depot Answer Man. Welcome to the community.


How you measure for screens depends upon the type of windows you have, wooden double hung, vinyl or aluminum. The link below gives you a good primer on how this is done. If you have any additional questions please ask.



Posted 2011-03-10T19:07:24+0000  by Mike_HD_OC


Hello Kimg1980,


It looks like HDAnswerman has given you a great start. I just wanted to throw out a few pointers that I have found to be helpful when I run across a window that needs a new screen and it doesn’t have an existing one that I can measure.


For a wood double hung window like the ones in my house I measured the width and height at the top, middle, and bottom from the outside and subtracted 1/8” from both measurements. This will give you just enough room to slide it into place. Make sure if you have double hung wood windows that you use a double-hung hardware kit so that you will be able to keep the screen in place.

dbl hung hardware.jpg









If you have rolling windows then the most commonly used screen is called a spring loaded screen. All that means is that there is a piece that is added to the frame that keeps it tight in the window channel once it’s installed. To measure this style all you do is measure from the inside of the deepest channel to the top of the opposite channel. I have drawn a little diagram to try and show you what I mean. You also have to measure the inside dimension of the channel to determine the thickness of the frame. The most common thicknesses are 5/16” and 7/16”.

measure a screen 1.JPG








The screen kits that the Home Depot carries are very easy to make. There are no angled cuts to make only straight ones. They come in different lengths, thicknesses, and colors. All you need is a frame kit and the screening material that you choose. If you’re doing more than one screen then you might want to look at purchasing one large roll of

screening material to do all of them instead of multiple small pieces. It can save you some money.

screen kit.jpg











Tools needed: Tape measure, Hacksaw, Utility knife, Spline roller 

            tape measure.jpghacksaw.jpgknife.jpgspline roller.jpg                     

The kits come with pretty good instructions but if you have any other questions just let me know.


This should get you ready to enjoy the nice weather that I’m sure is in the near future.  

Posted 2011-03-11T23:20:35+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

The information that is missing is how much you subtract from the measurement when cutting the sides to accommodate the corner inserts.

Posted 2011-05-07T20:52:52+0000  by mdduffinmd

Hello mdduffinmd.  Welcome to the Home Depot Community!


The information you ask for is missing because the answer depends on the type of corner that is used in the kit.


If the screen kit has a hidden corner with mitered sides, then the full length measurements are used on all pieces and they are cut at 45 degrees.  More commonly, the corners are on the outside, and either one or both lengths will be reduced.  The instructions that come with your screen kit will tell you exactly how much to subtract from your measurements when cutting the pieces.


I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-05-10T15:15:53+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
I have a 1980 mobile home that has aluminum frame windows and none of them are the same size. My question is: how do I measure for screens that I don't have an old one for, or should I have them done professionally?
Posted 2013-04-11T22:21:58+0000  by Sugarmama
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