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How do you remove old paint from a metal front door and repaint with new metal paint?

Our front door was painted by our tenant with cheap paint. It is chipping off and staining the linoleum floor below it. We are wanting to sand it down and repaint it the correct way with the correct paint, but need to ensure that it's cost effective as you can purchase a new door for $200. Thanks!

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Posted 2013-08-11T17:50:57+0000  by Avasmommy2009 Avasmommy2009

You may want to consider striping the bad coating off and starting with a clean consistent surface.


  1. If you can, remove the door and place up on saw horses.
  2. Apply the striper according to directions and wait the proper amount of time.
  3. Use a plastic putty knife to remove the loose paint and let dry.
  4. Sand any remaining paint off.
  5. Prime the surface with an oil based exterior primer.
  6. Paint two coats of your color choice. 

Total cost; around $50

Posted 2013-08-11T18:58:19+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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