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How do you remove wall paper from textured wall

How do you remove wallpaper border from textured wall ?

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Posted 2013-10-18T16:25:43+0000  by smada smada





First determine if you border is the dry strippable type. Many can be pulled off completely dry. Others have an outer layer that can be pulled off leaving a brown , pulpy under layer that readily soaks with water. If this is not the case, you will want to score the surface of the paper to pierce through the outer plastic coating and the inks. You don't have to get to the wall, but merely til you see the underlying paper.


I do not care for the Paper Tiger device which is sold, as it tends to go too deeply and puncture the drywall paper itself, allowing water to enter the drywall and soften it. This results it you damaging that paper during removal. I prefer to use very course sandpaper such as 36 grit and sand the entire surface of the wallpaper. This allows the water or removal solution to get down to the paste and loosen it.


Home Depot has Dif and other additives to aid in softening the paste. These are added to the removal water.Spraying is usually the fastest way to get water on the wallpaper, either with a simple spray bottle, or a garden type pressure sprayer.


The biggest mistake do-it-yourselfers make in removing wallpaper is not using enough water and not having enough patience to wait until the paste has softened enough to release the paper. At the proper moment, most papers either pull off, or can be lightly scraped off with a flexible spackle knife.


Often it is a mistake to wet down the whole room, as once it statrs to release, you want to get it off rapidly and then immediately wash off the paste before it dries down. It you get too far ahead, you can't keep up and the wall will needlessly dry down and will have to be wet again.


If there is a good coat of paint under the paper, normally it comes off without doing to much damage to the walls. Ufortuantely, that is one element which is beyond your control. That is determined by how conscientious the paper hanger was when it went up. Wallpaper should never be applied to a non-sealed wall!


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-10-18T18:50:46+0000  by ordjen
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