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How do you replace a GU10 bulb in a Hampton Bay track light?

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Posted 2013-07-26T17:11:13+0000  by mcmanusgj mcmanusgj

Hello Mcmanusgi,


Welcome to the community.


That little bulb has been talked about quite a lot here on the how to community.


So much so I did a video for one of our members on how to get it out of a fixture. The fixture in the video is obviously not the same as your track lighting but the bulb will come out with a quarter turn just like the one in the video.


Here is the link to the post with my video in it.


I believe the only difference is your lights have a retaining clip on each bulb. Here is a picture of where the retaining clip is. All you need to do in order to take it off is squeeze the 2 ends together and then remove it.


                                          GU 10 HB Track lighting.jpg


Make sure that the fixture has no power going to it and I’m assuming that the bulb has burnt out so I don’t need to remind you to make sure that bulb is cool before you start to change it.


Once you get the clip out you will be able to use the duct tape like I did in the video to get the light bulb out.


You will put the new bulb in the same way just reverse.


Please let me know if you have any other questions. I would be glad to help.


Posted 2013-07-26T20:58:49+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I get 'file not found' for the video.  PLEASE post the video and leave it up - there are a lot of us struggling with this, including most of the people at my local Home Depot!

Posted 2016-01-31T19:29:27+0000  by MarkB
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