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How do you test an electronic ballast, 120volts, basic 12--by using a volt meter t

I have a 2 bulb fluorescent light fixture and the bulbs will not light up.  I have tested the incoming power to the ballast and it is 120 volts.  It appears that the ballast is the bulbs will not light up.  Question?  How do I test the ballast to find out if it is good or bad ?  What wires entering are leaving the ballast do I connect to with a volt ohms meter.

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Posted 2013-08-16T15:10:04+0000  by hwbuck26 hwbuck26

Hello hwbuck26.  Welcome to the Community!


While it is possible to test magnetic ballasts for continuity using a multimeter, electronic ballasts are too complex for this to work for them.  Because these ballasts rectify the incoming power and then use transistors to pulse width modulate this power at 20k-60k Hz, simple measurements of the lamp wires cannot test the ballast.


For a simple 2 bulb home fixture, the cost of a ballast is fairly small.  What I would do is replace the bulbs with known good ones and check the socket pins for solid contact.  If this does not work then just replace the ballast.


I hope this helps,





Posted 2013-08-16T16:47:17+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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