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How many coats are necessary?

I recently purchased a home that hasn't been painted in 20 years.  How many coats of primer and paint would you recommend?  I prefer not use the primer/paint combination paint.

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Posted 2011-04-24T04:57:09+0000  by johno johno

There are going to be a few factors on how many coats you need. What color is on the wall, how much the wall soaks up the first coat of primer, as well as the primer you are choosing. You will be looking at 1-2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint minimum.


  Be sure to choose your color before priming, as alot of colors require tinting the primer to reduce the amount of coats you need. (Behr's color chips are denoted with a dagger next to the name letting you know that it requires a tinted primer.) I recommend using Glidden's Gripper or Behr's Enamel Undercoater Primer & Sealer for your primer coats.


  Although you say you prefer not to use Behr Ultra, it will ultimately be your most cost effecient route as with the majority of the colors (with the exceptions of those with the daggers in the Ultra Pallet) will only need 2 coats, and it is the most durable paint Behr and Home Depot has to offer.


One Last note, be sure to ask the Paint Associate if tinting your primer, even with light colors, tinting the primer to 25% of the color it is to be topcoated with can help improve the hide over the paint. The quality of the paint is a factor in coverage and hide, so be sure to stay with a premium quality paint. Also, be sure to pick up a Purdy paint kit, and a few replacement packs of the Purdy White Dove 3 Packs (3/8" Nap). These products hold the most paint, making the job quicker, and provide you with an outstanding finish that you'll enjoy for years to come. (They are also proudly manufactured in the USA)


Good Luck with your project, hopefully this helps.



Posted 2011-04-24T22:33:51+0000  by champflash3606

Nate did an awesome job of covering all the bases.


   I would like to add - that if the previous owners were smokers, you will have to either clean any surface to be painted with TSP and/or prime with an oil based primer.  The oil based primer will “lock in” the stain from the smoke residue and seal the surface.  Sometimes if you use water based primer the stain may continue to travel through (even though the newly paint surface).


…better safe than sorry.


Posted 2011-04-25T12:57:57+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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