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How many gallons does is take to paint an average house?

How many gallons does it take to paint an average esterior house?


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Posted 2013-05-28T16:13:48+0000  by Larry58 Larry58

Hello Larry!


Paint is purchased to cover square feet of surface.


A gallon is typically equal to one-coat on 400-square feet.


Determine the square feet of siding by measuring your home.


Let's say your house has two fifty-foot sides that average ten-feet high ... those sides equal 100 times 10 or 1,000 square feet.


Let's say your home has one two-story side that is twenty-five feet tall and thirty-five feet long ... that side equals 25 times 35 or 875 square feet.


And, let's say the fourth side is ten feet tall, except for the two-car garage which is twenty-feet at the peak; this side is also thirty-five feet long ... that side equals approximately 13 (the average height of the wall combined with the garage) times 35 or 455 square feet.


The combined sides equal (1,000 + 875 + 455) 2,330 square feet for one coat of paint on the siding.


Divide 2,330 by 400 square feet per gallon and you'll need (5.825) six-gallons of paint per coat ... approximately twelve gallons for two coats.


Trim is typically two or three gallons ... depending upon whether you paint the garage doors the same as the trim or the same as the siding.


And your shutters and doors will take approximately one to two gallons ... one is likely enough.


So, on the home I described, a split-level with a two-car garage, your average paint cost will be $350 for siding, $100 for trim, and $35 for shutters and doors.


Measure your own home and use this technique to determine the volume you'll need.



If you don't have shutters, estimate less. If your home is stucco, the paint is typically less expensive. And there will, of course, be other variations in the estimate for your home.


Your local Paint Associate can help!

Posted 2013-05-28T16:47:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Hello Again Larry and "How To" Community,

Since you originally asked this question, we've produced a short "Quick Tip" video to help you visualize the answer.

Click the link to jump to the video: 
Posted 2014-06-24T22:38:44+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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