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How remove old paint?

Hi every one I'm new in this matter but I lke and have some theory about this job,  really I love do it.

Please i need help I liked take off an old paint from the front door's house, it's metal but it's painted, what is the correct manner to take-off paint?


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Posted 2012-12-08T16:41:08+0000  by ayvlis ayvlis

Hello Ayvlis - we are happy you joined the community.


   Most of the time just sanding the surface and priming with a good quality oil primer is all you need to provide a secure surface for new paint.  But, if you need to remove all the paint the best way is to use a paint stripper like the one below.  




   I would recommend removing the door and placing it on a saw horse for better control.  Apply the paint stripper and follow the manufacturer's instructions for your protection.  Once the paint is removed - lightly sand any remaining paint, prime the metal and paint.

Posted 2012-12-09T16:48:58+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

The only safe way to remove old lead based paint is to chemically remove it. For this you will have to use a strong paint thinner or mineral spirits. When you are removing the paint, work in small circular motions. There is always the possibility of missing paint if you use a seesaw motion to remove it, as paint may get stuck in the crevasses.

Posted 2012-12-13T07:18:00+0000  by belmanliving


I would contradict belmanliving in the above post . Paint thinner or mineral spirits will absolutely not attack dry paints. Lacquer thinner or acetone will attack dried paints, especially lacquers. However, both these solvents are highly flammable and potentially explosive. Extreme caution should be used when using them. Only use them in a well ventilated area with sources of ignition turned off.


Better would be to use a dedicated paint stripper.

Posted 2012-12-27T00:00:32+0000  by ordjen

Removal of old paint is necessary to apply new paint. First try to know the kind of paint used already. To get the lead paint off, you will have to use a paint thinner or spirit. Do this in small circular motion.

Posted 2013-01-11T14:57:47+0000  by belmanliving


At the risk of repeating myself, mineral spirits does NOT attack old, dried oil paints. It will be a waste of time. I have stripped finishes using flooding amounts of acetone or lacquer thinner. They are very aggressive solvents capable of dissolving dried finishes.  Mineral spirits or paint thinner is not. Mineral spirits is fine as an oil  paint thinner or for wiping up still uncured oil  paint .


Lacquer thinner will attack dried lacquer, alcohol will attack dried shellac, but mineral sprits does practically nothing to dried, cured  oil paints, urethanes, shellacs or lacquers!  Use a dedicated stripper on old oil paint.


And once again, be very careful when using lacquer thinner or acetone. They are flammable and can be explosive!!!

Posted 2013-01-11T17:51:33+0000  by ordjen
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