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How seal gap between stained wood archway and stained molding?

I have an internal wood archway leading from the living room to the kitchen. The molding on the one side has gaps between the molding and the archway. What is the best way to seal the gap and have the color of what ever is used match the existing stain? There are also some gaps between the molding and the wall but I intend to simply fill the gaps with paintable caulking and paint it the color of the wall but this won't work for the stained wood on wood.

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Posted 2014-01-28T23:29:56+0000  by crm crm


Adam is correct, where movement is to be expected, a colored caulk would be the better choice, as they remain elastic. Oil putties get hard with age and are only suitable for stable nail holes and joints between wooden casings. All wood trim moves somewhat with the change of the seasons. Where painted trim is desired, such as on crown moldings, I actually prefer MDF or high density urethane foam trim, as they are more stabil than real wood.


Home Depot does have some wood toned caulks. However, if an exact match is neccessary, some of the caulk manufacturers have more stock colors. Some manufacturers, such as Red Devil, even have Do-It-Yourself custom caulk coloring systems.  You might want to make a Google search to see what your alternatives are.


Another way to handle this is to scrub the stain , or the heavy pigment from the bottom of the stain can, or a match colored paint deep into the gap which exists. You want to blank out that white wall which is drawing your eye deep into the gap. Then fill the gap with clear acrylic caulk . Use a sharp, squared edged putty knife to tool a nice squared caulk edge. This may take a couple coats to build up the caulk, as caulk does schrink somewhat. Also, clear acrylic caulk initially comes out white and may take a few days to totally turn clear.  When the wall / ceiling color is then painted to the dried caulk, the former gap will look dark like the stain.


Even if you don't caulk the gap closed, the gap will look better because your eye is not drawn into it by the light color which shows.


Hope this has helped

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Posted 2014-01-29T01:37:11+0000  by ordjen

There are any number of colored matched putties on the market, Minwax for example.  Generally if you can't find an exact match, you can mixing colors to get what you need.


The problem I forsee is that you have two different planes with materials that will likely expand and contract at slightly different rates.  I'm not sure how well putty will hold up over time.  Maybe, and I'm sure ordjen will jump in here, a color matched caulk might be a better idea. 

Posted 2014-01-29T01:09:09+0000  by Adam444

Great advice guys!  Thanks Adam444 and Ordjen!

Posted 2014-01-29T17:07:35+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS



Posted 2014-01-30T02:13:30+0000  by Paul

Thanks for the recommendations. I was at HD tonight and was looking at wood fillers but was leary about the fact they turned hard vs. being flexible. I think I will take a more indepth look at a colored caulk. I like the fact it will be felxible and, I beleive, a lot easier to me to use.


Thanks again for the great recommendations.

Posted 2014-01-30T03:11:25+0000  by crm
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