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How should I finish my home bar?

Hey All,


I just finished building this bar, but cannot decide how to finish it.  I think I'd like to go with some nice wood to tack on the sides and front and stain, but don't know what kind I should buy.  I also would like to know what people have used for the top of the bar.  I don't want to buy granite or anything expensive as materials have only cost about 80 bucks so far.  Basically, I'd like any input for how to finish this bad boy off.  Thanks in advance!!!



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Posted 2011-08-11T22:31:51+0000  by jaymoore83 jaymoore83

Hi there jaymoore83!


Thanks for sharing your home bar project with us here on the community, welcome!


Since you did the rough-in of building the frame, it looks like you are at a crossroads in terms of what to decide for the sides and top. My hats off to you in keeping your project under 100 so far!


As you said earlier, you would like to keep with a wood theme for the sides, so let's talk a little about that first.


To give yourself a truly unique home bar, you can get some unfinished plywood or T-111 boards at your local Home Depot and we can even cut them down to your bar size for quicker install time and easier to transport.


After installing them, you can stain or paint them to whatever color you prefer, making it a center piece of the room.


We also carry a large selection of unfinished or stained real wood paneling online as well, here is a sample pic below of one stained with moulding options...

wainscot kit.JPG 

Whichever one you decide on choosing, remember to finish off the edges with mouldings, trim pieces, and any wood filler/putty to finalize the look after staining. Don't forget a good top coat of polyurethane or lacquer as well to ensure your stained surfaces will last for years to come.


As for the top of  the bar, this is again where you can decide on what materials to purchase. Obviously, you'd want a nice level surface for the bar top, and there are several ways to achieve that.  One way is to build a bar top made of hardwood, stain it, and then use a nice heavy duty clear coat epoxy finish.  The epoxy is simple to use and dries rock hard, leaving a durable waterproof finish that restaurants and bars use for their tops. We sell these in our store and one pour of this product is the equivalent of 60 coats of varnish! I did a post for a customer earlier this year that was using the product, to see the post click here


You have lots of choices in finishing your home bar. With unfinished paneling, matching moulding edge pieces, and a heavy duty top coat for the bar top, you should be on your way to finishing up your bar!


Please post more pictures after you are done, we always like a good follow-up story.


If you have any further questions, please let us know,



Posted 2011-08-12T15:17:07+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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