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How should I re-do cabinets

Hi, I'm going to be moving soon into a newly built home and planned on changing the cabinet color from nutmeg to black in the kitchen and bathrooms. I had planned on using black latex paint for the project. Would I need to prime the cabinets since I'm going from a lighter color to a darker one? Any other advice for this upcoming project?
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Posted 2016-07-11T14:59:30+0000  by JH80 JH80
Hi JH80,

The new cabinets will have to be sanded to remove any sheen so the new finish will adhere properly, a deglosser may work instead of sanding. If possible I would spray on the new finish. The results will be much more attractive as the spray application will give a you a much smoother final finish. Primer should not be necessary.

Posted 2016-07-11T18:01:07+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
You don't want to use a latex paint.  Use either a waterborne alkyd or a traditional oil based paint.

Beyond the choice in paint, the key to any great paint job is prep.  Make sure the surface is clean, scuff sand, and clean up any dust.  I'd use a quality bonding primer or perhaps even a high build primer that can be sanded for a super smooth finish. 
Posted 2016-07-11T23:44:06+0000  by Adam444
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