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How the heck...RGB value from HD custom color formula?

Thanks in advance for a straight answer, any frustration you sense is directly with HomeDepot.

Beyond frustrated with being told over and over to bring in a swatch to be matched.... I simply need the RGB value for color coordination work I do.  If I can't get the RGB, I cannot research coordinating colors.  This "special" HD formula is trapping me.

Need a straight answer how to get the RGB value from the HomeDepot/BEHR custom color formula?  Label on the can says:  Base 1050 / CLRT 384 / CL 3 / LL 12.

I get that the "Base" will affect the blah blah blah... I don't care about the finish, I just need the RGB. 
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Posted 2017-09-26T13:42:16+0000  by doneill220 doneill220
I was unable to upload a picture when I was posting...  Below is an example of Home Depot's current special formula Example
Posted 2017-09-26T13:46:45+0000  by doneill220
If you are asking which tints are in the paint in terms of RGB, the above formula has no red, green or blue. The formula calls for 3 drops (3/384ths of an ounce) of yellow oxide ( sometimes called raw sienna), and 12 drops of raw umber.

Your formula was shot into "Ultra Pure white" flat paint. This is a very bright white with nothing but the titanium  dioxide in it. Most manufacturers call this a "No.1 Tint Base". It initially has no colorant in it to pull off the color by dulling it, as many paints called "White" do.

The resultant paint is a slightly creamy off white which would look fine with almost any color.
Posted 2017-09-28T02:23:04+0000  by ordjen
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