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How to Build: A Wooden Queen Bedframe with Headboard

I need specifications to build a queen size bed frame that includes a head board. I need wood quantities, sizes and measurments as well as the fasteners that are required. I have a pic of the kind of bed frame that I want to build. If you could help that would be great. I have all the tools that are necessary to build such a thing I just need some blue prints, if you will, to help me get started. Thanks!

I will paint, stain, or varnish all myself so thats not a problem. I don't want the same white color that is in the pciture.




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Posted 2011-04-07T02:21:10+0000  by just4my_space just4my_space

Hello just4my_space,


Welcome to the Community.


There are many different ways to build a bed so I will give you a few ideas and a couple of links so that you can see a few more.


The one that is in the picture is a very simple design so you should be able to reproduce it pretty close.


As far as what kind of wood you should use it depends on what finish your going to use and also if you’re going to try and match it to the other pieces of furniture that are in the same room. Some wood species gives you a really smooth finish such as poplar and pine which is great for painting and others like oak, mahogany, and cherry gives you a really nice grain so a stain looks great. All of them would be fine to make a bed frame out of.



       Poplar                      Pine                         Oak                     Mahogany                    Cherry


A standard size for a queen mattress is 60” x 80”. The thickness will vary anywhere from a standard 9”-10” to a pillow top 15”-16” or more. If you already have your mattress just confirm the size prior to starting your layout and cut list.


It looks like the frame in the picture is built out of 2” X 2”s and plywood. If you want the posts to stand out a little more than go with a 3” x 3” instead. I would make a rabbit joint in the 2” x 2” so that the plywood will set flush with it on the inside. Build the headboard, footboard and side rails then attach them all together with bed rail brackets.

rabbit joint.jpg

I would use metal bed rail brackets to connect the side rails to the headboard and footboard. That way it will be easy to brake down when you need to move it. There are many different styles. The easiest ones to use are the surface mount style.


Here is a link to a very simple bed plan. I know it’s different than your picture but the bed rail diagram is really good.


This link has a good materials list to look at but doesn't’t have any instructions. It is for a queen size bed so it will give you all the correct dimensions that you need. It is the same style of frame just a little more basic. It looks to be very easy to build.


Here is another link that will give you a few other ideas.


I think you should have a pretty good idea on how to build your bed frame after you read thru all of the information that I have given you.


Please let me know if you have any other questions. I would be glad to get more specific with any section that you need me too. We would love to see the progress and the final product so if you are able to take pictures and post them on the community that would be great.


Thanks again for joining the community.

Posted 2011-04-08T18:09:22+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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