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Project Ideas: Outdoor Living

How to Build Your Own Mailbox Planter



Have you always wanted to have one of those great looking mailboxes to make your home standout and have a certain charm that is all your own? Well I’ve got some ideas for you that could get you started on making a custom mailbox.






Drill and 1/8 bit

Circular Saw



1 piece of 3/8 sanded plywood

Gorilla Glue

Assorted Acrylic paint

Paint brushes

Drywall screws

Standard Mailbox

2 plastic planter boxes and flowers/plants



Step 1: Cutting Wood To Size


First we start by cutting the 3/8 plywood to the dimensions with your circular saw. Use the mailbox to trace and then cutout the area to insert the mailbox on the front piece. The front and back piece can be cut at the same time. I used a jigsaw to get the roof supports cut. When you’ve completed your cutting, you will have 9 pieces in all.



Step 2: Assembling With Glue And Screws


Now we can start assembling by gluing the two inside wood pieces to the mailbox. Then we can glue the back side of the planter to the two outer sides and use drywall screws to secure the pieces together. (remember to use pilot holes).



I always like to drill a pilot hole, before putting in wood screws to keep the wood from splitting.



Step 3: Painting Our Custom Mailbox


Finally we have all the sides on and we glue and screw the rooftop on. This is also a good time to start applying the base coat of paint.  This acts as a primer and won’t be the final color.




Here is what the project looks like before we start painting in our details. If you feel like adding trim or shingles on the roof just start cutting pieces. Remember, this isn’t perfection…it’s fun.




Step 4: Adding Details To Make It Your Very Own


Now comes the best part of our project, the details. Some people like to make the colors reflect their actual home. I chose a south-western look that could be filled with anything from tropical to succulent plants.




Lastly, we fill our two planters with our choice of plants. I like to use ivy for filler because it is a year round plant that last for years. I’ve used some scrap wood to make some windows and door to give our project an over the top look.

I’ve made another custom mailbox as well. Please post some photos of your own mailbox to inspire others of the many ways to add some flair to your mailbox.



Tip: I use plenty of hand lotion on my hands to keep the Gorilla Glue from sticking to my hands permanently.


Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave

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Posted 2015-03-06T01:18:59+0000  by Dave_HD_OC Dave_HD_OC
What a great idea!
Posted 2015-04-01T19:31:46+0000  by mj12476
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