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Project Ideas: Outdoor Living

How to Build a Concrete Paver Planter



Planters are always a great way to add life to a house and soften edges of modern homes. I’m going to show you how with a few pavers, plants, and know how you can have some great looking planters that won’t break the bank.







Caulking gun

Bungee cords

12 X 12 pavers (any color)

Landscape Adhesive

Various outdoor plants



Step 1: Layout Pavers


For starters we lay them out first so the glue goes on the correct end of the paver.  To keep things from getting messy I put some old newspapers down. Now we put a generous amount of landscape adhesive on the ends that come together.


Step 2: Add Glue 

To glue the bottom I put the glue on the edge to keep it from squishing out the sides.



Step 3: Hold Together with Bungee Cords

With the glue drying we put on some bungee cords to get a strong bond.





Step 4: Add Sand to Bottom of the Planter

After letting the glue set overnight I add some sand on the bottom 1/3rd of the planter. I like to do this to allow draining. Now I add about a 1/3rd moisture control soil.




Step 5: Arrange Plants

Finally comes the fun part and we arrange our plants to what suits our wants. I follow the “filler, spiller, thriller concept and put plants in groupings.



This inexpensive project can be done with different sizes, types, and colors to become a great feature for any home or garden.




Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave

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