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How to Build a Copper Candle Holder Holiday Centerpiece



This year introduce a bit of timeless, elegance to your holiday table, with a simply stated copper centerpiece plank.



Miter Box
Sanding Pad
Tape Measure
Garden Shears (to cut mums and branches)
Liquid Calk Adhesive
Small Wood Screws
3/4 and 1/2 inch Dowels
Pine Board 1x6x24
4 - 3/4 - 1/2 inch Copper Reducer
4 - 1 inch Copper Coupling
4- 1/2x8 inch Copper Air Chamber Fitting
2 - 1 inch Copper Tube Straps
1 inch Taper Candles



Not everything that glistens is gold; the warm reflective glow of copper is unmistakable. Copper not only shines pretty, copper works hard!  Inside the walls of your home copper pipes carry water, and copper conducts electricity through wire connections. On the exterior of the home copper is used as flashing on the roof, and with older homes copper is used to fashion drain pipes, and gutters. Copper is highly prized and is used when restoring historic buildings.



The site of copper pots and pans hanging, or stacked in piles makes me think of well equipped kitchen; copper is so durable, timeless and elegant.


Great chefs use copper pans, not because they are beautiful, but because they conduct and distribute heat evenly and quickly. If well cared for copper pots and pans can be handed down through generations.



I just love the look of copper when it is all shiny and new, or freshly polished. I am even drawn to the patina of old, worn copper…..maybe it is because I know what lies beneath the tarnished history. With a little elbow grease the old can be new again, reborn, to be re-appreciated.



Step 1: Prepare Your Plank Boards


User-added image

Sand, smooth and paint all sides of board. Allow to dry thoroughly


Step 2: Cut Wooden Plugs


User-added image

Cut wooden plugs from ¾ and ½ inch dowels. The plugs will hold the copper fittings in place.



Step 3: Place Plugs



Pre-drill the plugs, then screw the plugs into place.

Step 4: Apply Liquid Adhesive

User-added image

With the liquid adhesive encircle the plugs a few times, just enough to make the seating of the pipes and vial bases secure.


*Be careful a little goes a long way, and you don’t want any seepage coming out of the bottom.  



Step 5: Install Tubes


Install the tube/pipe straps, like handles: either on the top of the board, or the side. (Like shown)


Step 6: Add Decor



Add candles and flowers, some branches, berries…gorgeous seasonal greens, that will add to the beauty of your copper fittings, centerpiece plank!


User-added image


Stop by your local Home Depot, walk the aisles of the plumbing department; I bet you too will find the glow of the copper pipes and fittings the perfect element to add to your holiday decor!


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