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Project Ideas: Outdoor Living

How to Build a Fire Pit

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If you've always wanted to build a Fire Pit and wondered how to do it. This short video is what your looking for. Coach Dave and FoodieKen demonstrate how easy it can be.

Some retaining wall blocks and some landscape block adhesive were all it took:

retwall.jpg     PLglue (56x330).jpg




Step 1: Mark Pit Location 

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Start by using a garden hose and chalk to mark where your fire pit will be located.

Step 2:  Dig

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Dig down to at least 4-6 inches and add paver sand.

Step 3: Level the surface

User-added image
Using a hand tamper, level the surface as best as you can.

Step 4: Layer Wall Stones

User-added image
Begin laying the first layer of retaining wall stones.  Take care to make this first layer level so the rest comes out perfect.

Step 5: Use Adhesive

User-added image
Now add layers and use landscape adhesive to keep the stones from moving.  Be sure to lay out a full layer of stones before you begin gluing.

Step 6: Cut for perfect spacing

User-added image
Here Ken makes a single cut to assure that the fire pit is perfect in spacing.  Remember, you may need to do more than one cut depending on the size of your fire pit and the wall stone you have selected.

What a great project that can be done in a weekend…or even a day with a second set of hands.

User-added image

The work was worth it when you see the results...take a look.

Happy Gardening!


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Posted 2012-03-16T01:41:21+0000  by Dave_HD_OC Dave_HD_OC

This type of a fire pit is great if you have the space necessary to install it.  However, everyone doesn't have the amount of space needed for such a permanent fixture in their backyard.  I would suggest a portable fire pit, if this isn't what you are looking for.

Posted 2012-04-04T19:11:36+0000  by drm

The finished product here was really pretty but not what I was looking for.  The one I had in mind was the one shown on page 04- 05 of the Outdoor living Dreamscapes product catalog using the "RumbleStone System".  I just need to know how many of each kind of block for the first row and I assume build up from there.  The catalog mentions a "kit" for the square one but I'm not finding any info on the round one using a round "fire pit" insert after the blocks are placed.

Posted 2012-09-23T20:15:48+0000  by shoegoddess2

Howdy Shegoddess2,



The firepit done in the video was just as you saw it. Ken and I took a hose and decided what the homeowner liked and layed the block as it fit best. After the size was decided on we took the blocks out and put the chalk on over the hose.

digsand.jpg       FPtymp.JPG


Next we layed out the base, leveled it, tampered, and built up from there. Using concrete adhesive is a must if you are not making a raised garden bed. We used 17 one foot blocks to make an 8 foot circle so if you decide you want to use the Rumblestone you will need at least 15 per level.





I find it's best to have more blocks than I need to keep the project going until completion. I always keep a few around just in case one breaks for some unknown reason.

DSCF2859 (250x188) (2).jpg


The great thing about doing it yourself is the freedom of making it exactly how you want to.


Tip: If you want a perfect circle you can use a stake and piece of non-stretch rope or wire to mark off your spot for the fire pit.





Happy Gardening,

Posted 2012-09-24T23:12:18+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

Hello Shoegoddess2,


Sorry for the confusion.


Please follow this link to your original post. 


I posted a response with all of the information for the RumbleStone System and also a link to a video on how to build the RumbleStone Fire PIt. :smileyhappy:


Please post some pictures of your fire pit project once you get it completed. Or better yet show us pictures as you go so we all can see how easy it is to create a beautiful DIY fire pit.


Thanks again for joining the community.

Posted 2012-09-26T15:49:39+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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