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How to Build a Portable Changing Room with PVC pipes Part 1

Hello Home Depot Community,


One week ago, I was in Home Depot with just an idea and sample pictures from the internet of a portable changing room. The portable changing room was going to be used for the "Shop for Success" event hosted by Dress for Success.  In the past, people told me how easy it would be to build a changing room with PVC pipes. I had no idea what they were talking about or how to build a changing room for people to try on clothing. So, I faced my fear and decided I was going to take action!


When I entered the store, Corey volunteered to show me where the PVC pipe was located. I shared with him what I was trying to do. PVC pipes come in 10 feet pieces. It needed to be cut into the number of pieces. With the time constraint, that was not going to work.  Then he started to put together 2 feet pipes. Here's our initial framework.




I requested that we build the entire changing room so I could make sure it would meet my needs. We started to think about functionality, stability, and which side people would enter the "room". True engineering was going on here!  :-)


Changing Room.JPG


One hour later, we had what I could picture as a portable changing room that will work for different events.  In the picture above, Corey was counting how many pieces I needed and how much it would cost.   He was standing at the "back" of the changing room.  We wanted people to enter into the longest side.  This was built with 2 feet pipes and it required no cutting!


I will share tips from my experience with traveling and how to conveniently build the changing room at your destination in a later post.


I hope this helps apparel vendors who travel to events and display their products.  The bathroom may not be conveniently located or the best place to try on clothing. Home Depot helped me conquer my fear! A special thanks to Corey who demonstrated excellent customer service! He utilized his knowledge and expertise during this process. Also, I want to thank "aboveaverageJoe" for your help!

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Posted 2012-10-12T20:55:49+0000  by alamb alamb

Hey alamb!


Thanks for joining us here on the community and for sharing your great project!


When I assisted you at first in the aisles, I didn't realize that Corey went out of his way to help you in your changing room.


I'm glad we got it assembled in the store, and I can't wait to see your part 2, you can post it on this thread if you wish.


I hope to hear from you soon, and go easy on any pictures you took of me when we built it :smileytongue:




Posted 2012-10-15T13:57:29+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hi there.  Can you tell me how many pieces of PVC were required for this project?  2 foot lengths and joining pieces?  I'm going to try to make one for a charity event I'm organizing.  Also, do you know if Home Depot ever donates supplies for this type of thing for non-profit organizations?




Posted 2013-02-19T13:27:14+0000  by cheriv123

Hello Cheri!


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I guess alamb won't be giving us the 2nd part right away, so I thought I'd chime in and give you a supplies list for this project.


Luckily, she came into my store last year and I was fortunate to help her build this changing room, and in doing so, I kept a supplies list.


The materials needed are as follows:


28- pieces of 3/4" 2 foot long PVC pipe  SKU 254-518

6- 3/4" tee                                                     SKU 187-917

7- 3/4" PVC coupling                                  SKU 188-077

8- 3/4" Male PVC adapter                          SKU 294-020

8- 3/4" x 1/2" side outlet                             SKU 613-525

2 sets of roller showerhooks                   SKU 392-776

2 Luxury Fabric Shower Curtains            SKU 544-863


To build this using the materials above will cost you around $115-125 depending on your local taxes. All of these materials are found online and in our store, just use the SKU numbers listed above. If you use 10 foot sections of 3/4" pipe, it can lessen the cost, but you'll have to cut the pipe into 5 two foot sections..hence you saving money but not time.


Using this system worked for the author of this post alamb, since she wanted a quick and easy material that was simple to put together yet could be broken down after the event. No glue, screws or fasteners are needed.


As for donation, simply contact your local store via phone or in person and speak to a member of the management team there to see if they can set you up for a donation! 


Posted 2013-02-23T17:46:56+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hello Joseph,


This is exactly what I've been looking for to use for my craft shows. Can you tell me what the dimensions of this one is? I think it may be 4' x 4'. Is there a way to make the dimensions without having to cut pieces? Maybe a 1' pipe?? Will have to measure it out but I was thinking more like 3' x 3'. Just a thought.


Also, if I were to walk into my local home depot would I find a gentleman as kind as you help me put one together so I know how it works when I have to set it up myself? :-)


One more think, of the subject. I also need lattice. It is sold in 8' x 4' sections. Does home depot cut these if I need them to?


Thanks for your help!


Posted 2013-09-12T14:05:53+0000  by scosenze

Hey Shirley,


Thanks for joining us here on the community!


If you look closely at my co-worker Corey standing behind it and view the sections, you'll see that the changing room is 4 feet wide by 6 feet tall.


You can most definitely use a thicker 1" pipe, but just make sure your connections that bring them together are the same size.


You very much can alter the size and shape of your changing room, just as long as all 4 walls are the same. And you can most definitely come into your local Home Depot and talk to an associate who can set this up just like Corey and I did for our customer!


As for your lattice, we unfortunately do not cut them due to the presence of metal staples in them. Even ones in plastic that don't have staples will not cut on our saws, due to the plastic melting during cutting, thereby damaging the blades.


However, we do rent out saws in our Tool Rental Centers that can easily get the job done of cutting them. Be sure to wear eye protection when making any cuts, and be sure the blade is rated for wood and metal when cutting.


Let me know if you have any additional questions,


Posted 2013-10-09T20:12:32+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Thanks for having something to help in making some new projects.
This Community or workshops should help me a lot thank you for having it
Posted 2016-05-13T13:23:36+0000  by CCRider
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