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How to Build a Sandwich Board

If you have a business or you simply want to 'shout out' an event you are hosting, making a sandwich board is an easy and effective way of putting your message across to your audience. I made one using inexpensive lumber, screws and a bit of paint. Here's how I did it....


How to Build a Sandwich Board



Skill Level- Beginner


Under-Over Rating- Under $50 (not including power tools)/Over 4 hours (includes drying time)


Tools and Materials



Circular Saw

Paint brush/ roller

Measuring tape



Masking tape

2 pieces of 1/2" plywood 15" wide by 48" high

4 pieces of 2" x 2" wood- 2 pcs at 60" length and 2 pcs at 56" length

2 hinges

4 small S-hooks

2 pieces of 1 foot chain

2 eye hooks

Coarse threaded screws 1-1/2" long

Paint color of your choice (optional)


Chalkboard paint




STEP 1: After getting your supplies, cut your plywood and 2" x 2" pieces. If you don't have access to a saw, the lumber department at your nearest Home Depot can cut the wood to sizes as shown above.


STEP 2: Starting with the 2 pieces of 2" x 2"s that are 60 inches in height, place the first 1/2" sheet of plywood on top of it and screw it to the 2" x 2"s using a power drill. Make sure the top of the 2x2's are 4 inches from the top of the plywood so the other side of the sign can fold out evenly.


STEP 3: Next, install the 2 pieces of 2" x 2"s that are 56 inches in height and place the second sheet of plywood of top of it and fasten with screws. This time though, you'll leave 8 inches for the plywood above the 2" x 2"s.


This is done so the sandwich board is spread out enough to allow clearance from the other 2" x 2"s that are 60 inches, as shown below.


STEP 4: After both pieces of plywood are fastened to the 2" x 2", lay both pieces on the ground, with the tops touching each other (as if the sign was folded flat on the ground). Install the hinges with screws provided in the hinge packaging. Make sure both hinges are straight and hinge outwards.


STEP 5: Set the sandwich board upright and place eyebolts near the middle of the plywood sides. Attach the S-hooks to the chain, giving you a safety 'catch' for the sign. This is done for stability and keeps the sign secure say...if it is placed outside and it gets a bit windy:smileysurprised:


STEP 6: Now you can apply your chalkboard paint to the fronts of the plywood. Use a roller or brush and apply 2 coats to ensure uniformity. Let the paint dry at least 1 hour before recoating or applying other paint.


STEP 7: If you like you can use masking tape to block off areas you'd like the wood to remain. If you decide to apply other graphics or paint, make sure your chalkboard paint dries first. I used a stencil method for the stop sign, and a marker for the typeface.


STEP 8: After applying your graphics and paint of your choice, make sure it is dry before you apply sandpaper to smooth out all the edges. Wipe off the dust and use the chalk to finish your sandwich board!


As with any DIY project, you can always alter this using different measurements and materials. I chose the 15" width so the sign would be narrow enough for everyone to walk around it safely in the aisle. You can also use exterior-grade materials to ensure your sandwich board can withstand the elements.


Let us know if you have any questions regarding this fun and easy project. We hope to hear from you soon.



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