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Project Ideas: Indoor Decor

How to Build a Twisted Shelf


Corner shelves are great as both a space saving means to display items and add visual highlight to otherwise unused corners of a room. This project will produce two shelving units. Both shelves are designed to seemingly float against the corner of the walls with the twist shelf helping to direct the eyes along the items displayed. For the sake of clarity these directions cover working with enough parts to build one self and can then be repeated for the other shelf.



















Step 1. Cut MDF into Sections

Begin by cutting the 2’ x 4’ MDF sheets as shown above. The sections shown in stripes are not used for this project. To create the curved front boards the curves was done free hand using a couple of measurements for reference. After creating and cutting the first curved shelf it can be used as a template for the others.

Step 2. Cutting the 6 ½” x 6 ½” Shelf Curves


The shelves will each have at least one rounded face corner. Hold two of the shelves together with clamps. To create the rounded corner measure and mark a 1” box, then mark a radius curve through the box. Use a jigsaw to cut the curve. Repeat until all shelf curves have been cut.

Step 3. Clean Up the 6 ½” x 6 ½” Shelf Curves


With all the shelf curves cut use a clamp to secure three to four shelves together. Take the power sander with 60 grit sandpaper and clean up the curves and make them uniform.

Step 4. Prepare the Wall Boards for the Shelves


Next make marks for the shelves that will go onto the wallboard. Starting at the bottom of the shelf measure up ¾” and create a line across the face of the board. Measure up 7 1/8” then create another ¾” to account for the shelf thickness. Measure another 6 ¾” along with the ¾” space for the shelf. The top most shelf will simply be flush with the assembled top.

Step 5. Make Mounting Holes for the Wall


The shelf will be secured to the wall corner with a simple screw and anchor setup. With one board on top of the other drill a hole straight through both boards. The hole size will be determined by the size of the anchor you chose. To locate the holes measure across the top of one of the boards 3 ¼” then down the face 4 ½”. This should leave the anchor holes easily accessible once the curved fronts are in place.

Step 6. Assembling Shelves to Wall Boards


Begin placing the shelves from the bottom up on the wall board using the marks made in Step 4. Apply glue to the shelf edge and secure into place with the clamps. Wipe away any excess glue immediately. To fully secure the shelf drill three pilot holes through the wall board and into the shelf edge. With the shelf still clamped hammer nails into the pilot holes. Allow the glue some time to set before moving on to the next shelf. With the shelves all in place glue, pilot drill, and nail the other wall mount.

Step 7. Curved Shelf Faces


The last step is to glue and nail the two curved face boards to the assembly. The boards are placed as opposites to one another to give the twisting opening effect.

Step 8. Finishing for Paint


To finish for paint first clean up any edges and seams with either wood filler and/or paintable caulk. From here the shelf will need to be primed before being painted. Painting will be covered in greater detail in an upcoming post.
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