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How to Care for African Violets


Would you like to drop off a little something, a remembrance to a neighbor, a friend, or your child’s teacher?


Think about an African Violet: the tiny, flowering, plant, may cost a little but says a lot!


The rich colors of the flower petals and the deep velvety green of the leaves make these wee statements sing out loud.





The care of an African Violet is not that demanding: bright indirect, or filtered light, they enjoy morning sun and afternoon shade, they thrive behind a sheer curtain.


Watering is not that difficult…they just love to be soaked from their roots up!  Just place their pot in a shallow bowl of room temperature water, let them set there for about five to ten minutes and then allow them to dry out a bit between watering’s.




African violets leaves are tender they don’t like water, or direct sun on them, both incidents will leave them injured; with brown water marks and scorching from the sun.


Keep them out of drafts whether it is hot or cold. They will survive with artificial light, even just under an incandescent bulb on a table as long as it has an 8-10 hour exposure.


Feeding helps African Violets stay in bloom, you can make a weak solution of liquid food and feed them every other time you water them from the bottom.



The plant world has made it easy to care for the heavy flowering gems…they have specific soil, their own special fertilizer and pots that allow you to water them from the bottom.


African Violets are the fair maidens of the indoor plant world, with just a little routine of the correct light, and feeding, they will produce and preform for years and years!!!


Take a few minutes, and just a few dollars, and make a huge gesture….bring someone you are thinking about an African Violet.




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