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How to Choose Coaxial Cables & Accessories

With so many advances in technology today, it can be somewhat daunting to choose what type of coaxial cable if it is needed for your TV, satellite, cable box, or modem.

While a lot of providers have their own proprietary coaxial cables for basic installations, you still may need to purchase your own. 

Whether you are putting in a new TV in another room, or wanting to upgrade your signal to a better one, knowing the basic facts on coaxial cable is important. 

And with this post, I'll do just that...go over some information that will assist you in obtaining the right coaxial cable.

The first thing to know is what your TV or internet/cable provider requires for optimum performance. Nowadays you have 3 types of coaxial cable, while they look the same, are not in terms of what you will get out of them.

For example, in the past there was just RG59 (RG stands for Radio Guide, and 59 was just the number assigned to it), but now you have the larger and better RG6 and RG6 Quad Shield varieties.

The only time you'd ever use the older RG59 version today would be for a closed circuit tv monitoring system (CCTV), but refrain from using it for modern digital cable. 

For basic cable and satellite signal source, choosing RG6 is still a good choice for some applications. However, the current best choice of coaxial cable is RG6 Quad Shield. 

Quad Shield isn't a thicker coax cable per se, but it's thicker insulation gives it much less signal interference and greater durability over the other types. If possible, always go with RG6 Quad Shield if you can for any coaxial cable source.

The next important factor to consider is how all connections to the coaxial cable are made. While there are various types of connections out there, all are screwed into a terminal the same way. 

However, the way those connectors are installed on the ends of the coaxial cable is extremely important so you can get the best signal. For high speed internet or satellite sources, opt for a compression connector

This type of connection gives a professional connection from almost all elements. Try to avoid the push-on or twist style, as these can possibly loosen over time and give you a weak signal.

To read about how to install a compression connector on cable, please click here for more information.

The other factor to consider is fairly obvious one, length of cable needed.At your local Home Depot, we carry various RG6 and RG6 Quad Shield in 3', 6', 15', 25', 50' and 100' lengths....and incrementally per foot too.

The pre-cut lengths are a great value since the ends are already installed on them. But, for longer lengths or you plan on running your own cable, choosing the per foot or even larger 500 foot lengths work great for saving money and time for installation.

Southwire 500 ft. RG6 18 AWG Coaxial Cable - Black

If you do decide to install coaxial cable yourself, choose a kit that has a compression connector among other tools to get the job done correctly. 

One we carry by DataShark works great for this type of installation. Click here to read more about it. 

Also, using an coaxial signal testers work well for troubleshooting and finding out where cables are going to as well. Choose these if you plan on doing a lot of coaxial cable installations.

Occasionally, you'll have instances where you may need special connections or splitting the cable. In terms of splitting cable, refrain from doing too many, as this can weaken the signal, unless you use it with a signal amplifier

GE 4-Way Distribution Amplifier

You may also need to turn the coaxial cable in a tight corner or cap it off. No worries, we sell at your local Home Depot just the connectors for those instances as well!

Ideal 90˚ Coaxial F-Type Adapters (2-Pack)

Ideal F-Connector Terminators (10-Pack)

For all other video component items we carry, please click here to view them. 

Since this is a basic overview of coaxial cable solutions, let us know if you have any further questions.


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