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How to Choose HDMI Cables

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Usually, most people only buy a new video component cable when they have purchased a new television/surround sound set up. However, with advancements in cables, you may need an upgrade if you wish to have better signal/sound.


With that said, using an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is the most common digital video cable to use versus the older analog counterparts. Since they use a binary system versus the older analogs, they give you faster, richer, and better signals overall.



So, if your TV, Blu-Ray, HDTV, gaming consoles,  or satellite system is new or just needs a new HDMI cable that is required for it, considering the following types to see which one is the right for you. Of course, always check the manufacturer of your TV or components ports or instructions to ensure it is HDMI that is required for it.


All of these in this post are sold at your local Home Depot store, but others can be purchased online for further options.


Standard HDMI 


CE TECH 6 ft. Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet

Standard is the entry-level style of HDMI cables sold by our in-house brand CE TECH. Even though this is the lowest grade we sell in stores, its anything but that. It will provide a basic 720p (HDTV signal) and can go up to 1080i (an even higher signal) with this. 


Standard HDMI is a great option for a basic TV or streaming devices.


Deluxe HDMI


With the Deluxe version, you'll obviously get a higher quality HDMI than the standard, but how so? 


Namely, this is a higher speed HDMI cable...which makes it a better choice for higher speed (aka more bandwidth) versus standard versions. Since this goes up to 1080p (the highest HDTV resolution available), it's a great choice for wanting the best and even a dedicated ethernet channel, if both devices are rated for it.


Premium HDMI

As far as HDMI cables go available at your local Home Depot store, this category is as good as it gets.


All premium HDMI cables are of high quality, namely because the way the cables are bundled as well as the connections are gold plated. This gives the best image and sound quality of any cable we currently sell.


And for you cutting-edge television fans, our Premium Super Slim HDMI cables are even rated for 4K and 2160p, some of the highest picture quality you can currently (as of this post as least) obtain.


Choose wisely from these 3 options, and only purchase the one that would best suit your needs. 


Now that you've picked the right HDMI cable, consider any additional options that you may need to give sight and sound to those devices.


For example, you may need an HDMI extension adapter (shown below) to connect two HDMI cables together. 

In fact, to view all of our other video component cables, connectors, and amplifiers, please click here.



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