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How to Choose a Better Grout

Grouting is always a tedious but very important process whenever you are setting tile. And you'll need a grout that can not only withstand the test of time, but also look great in its appearance.

To get a professional grouting job done like the tiles in this post, you'll need the know-how, the right materials and tools for it to look its best. Once you get these items, particularly this grout I'll mention in this post today, the effort of grouting will be much easier. 

The product I'd like to discuss in this post is the newer line of grout by our in-store supplier of tile supplies, Custom Building Products. They handle all of our line of bagged goods related to tile-setting, from mortars and adhesives, to even sealing your grout.

Introducing the fast-setting Prism high performance grout by Custom Building Products. Shown below and linked here, it's one of the better choices when it comes to any tile installation. 

Just like our older PolyBlend family of grouts, the Prism line has the same colors as them, but with much better features. In the link above, you'll see all the color choices available. 

Your local Home Depot also carries each color as a sample in physical form to take home so you can make the best selection of grout color. To find out which color grout would work best for your project, click here for a post I wrote a while back detailing how to do just that. 

As one example for it being a better grout, Prism guarantees you a uniform color appearance of grout. This can be a big issue when tiling a large area, such as a shower or big room. 

You can use Prism grout in virtually any area in or out of your home, such as a kitchen countertop to even submerged areas of a swimming pool! That's how strong and durable this grout can be!

Since it's stain resistant, it's a great option to have it in those high traffic areas that are prone to spills from water or food. I personally like that its formula is anti-efflorescence, meaning that no whitish or discoloration will occur after the grout has been set.


Another great feature of using this better grout is when it comes time to install it. Always use the correct grouting float (shown below), and remember to constantly clean the surface of the tiles after forcing the grout in the joints. 

Failure to do so (this a common mistake for first time tilers) leads to dried grout haze and a lot of clean up afterwards. Be sure to work in small manageable sections (3ft. x 3ft.) and keep the tiles free of grout by using a grout sponge over them right after applying the grout.

Once your grout is set and the tiles are clean, you have one final step to do: seal them. Sealant in my opinion is one of the most overlooked yet crucial things to do when you are installing tiles. 

Failure to seal your tile and grout can and will lead to cracking and damage of the project you spent so much effort on. 

For added information on where, how, and why to seal tiles and your grout, click here for a detailed post on the subject. 

Of course, choosing a better grout is by no means the only step to tiling. Like I mentioned earlier, it takes the know-how and right products to get the job done the first time. 

The last thing you'll want to do in months or years in the future is to repair tile or grout that you painstakingly installed yourself. Using better materials like grout and a good sealant goes a long way to prevent any issues down the road.

Lastly, if you have any issues regarding tiling, grout, or flooring in general, do not hesitate to ask us here. 


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