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How to Choose a New Roof for Your House


One of the major concerns of every homeowner as winter and the rainy season approaches is the condition of their roof. A leaky roof can cause serious damage inside your home. Let's take a look at your options.



First step, check your roofs condition.




Visual Checks


(1) Look at the roofs general condition, are there missing shingles? Are the shingles curled or pushed up by loose roofing nails? Has the protective granules on the asphalt shingles washed away leaving the bare fiber glass or paper backing showing?


(2) On tile roofs are there broken or missing tiles? Is the mortar missing between tiles? Look at the flashing, are any pieces missing or lose?


(3) Look in the attic for signs of water leaks, water stains on the roofs wooden structure are a clear sign of leakage. Water stains on the ceilings of interior rooms are also a sign of a leaking roof.




What are your roofing options?






Cedar Wood Shingles



For many years cedar wood shingles were the material of choice. They are sawn or split and offer an attractive appearance. However heavy winds can blow them off and in many areas new fire regulations prevent their use. A wood shingle roof will last up to 25 years, but a wood shingle roof will cost more to install than an asphalt shingle roof.



Asphalt Shingles





Asphalt shingles are the material of choice today, modern asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and styles. Upgraded versions called architectural shingles are thicker and have a layered look simulating wooden shingles or slate. These shingles cost a little more but give your home an upgraded appearance and are more durable than standard asphalt shingles. They come with a longer warranty as well often as long as 30 years.



Slate Shingles




Slate roofing has always been popular in areas with heavy snow and harsh winters. Slate is extremely durable, sheds ice and snow and gives your home an upscale appearance, however slate is heavy requiring reinforced roofing structures and it’s very expensive.


Metal Roofing





Metal roofing comes in sheets of galvanized steel, aluminum or copper, metal roofs are long lasting and relatively inexpensive to install. They are often used on utility buildings and sheds.  Copper roofing for modern homes is very attractive and will last indefinitely. However copper roofing is very expensive to install, but its beauty and durability will add value to your home.



Clay and Concrete Tiles




Tile roofs made from ceramic clay tile, are often used on Mediterranean influenced architecture in California and Florida. These half round or barrel tiles offer an old world look, but installation is labor intensive and they must be properly maintained to assure there are no leaks.


Modern roofing tiles are often manufactured from synthetic materials or concrete; these are less expensive to manufacturer and are easier to install than handmade clay tiles which are often imperfect. High quality tile roofs can last 60-80 years with little maintenance.



Fiber Cement Shingles




Fiber Cement roof tiles are made of a composite material using concrete clay and wood fiber. This hybrid tile is very durable and fireproof and can be shaped to look like wooden shingles. They are not as heavy as clay tile and can be used in place of wood or asphalt shingles. There are a number of colors and textures available. However they are considerably more expensive than asphalt shingles.


Which type of roofing to choose?



A replacement roof is often dictated by the current roofing material. Normally a reroof will be the same type of material as the original. Such as replacing wood or asphalt shingles with new asphalt.


Fiber cement tiles offer a stylish alternative without the need to reinforce the structure.


Switching to a tile roof often requires the additional roof structure to support the new heavier roofing. However the durability of a tile roof may justify the extra cost.


Before selecting materials consider color and style of you roof. A metal roof may not be ideal on a ranch style home, where asphalt shingles may be a better choice.


Cost is always a consideration as is the local climate and material availability. In some areas the local building code or home owners association will dictate what type and style of roofing you may use.


Home Depots’ Home Services Professionals can visit your home with roofing samples and assist you in selecting the ideal roofing for your home.




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