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How to Clean Your Gutters in Time for Fall



Cleaning your rain gutters is another chore in your fall preparation ritual.


Especially out here on the West Coast, rain is not a phenomenon that we experience that often.  For those homes with rain gutters it is very important if not even critical that you take the time to clean the cleaves out. 


The leaves from surrounding trees can clog your drain in your gutters leading to an overflow of your rain gutters.  The excess weight of the wet leaf debris and the backup of all that water could cause damage to your rain gutters and areas around your rain gutters.


I have had my share of climbing up on a ladder during a downpour to unclog clogged gutter drain.  It is not on the list of things I enjoy doing during a rain storm!


When was the last time you inspected your rain gutters for debris?  California is just getting into our season of rain, even though it may be infrequent, we need to take the time to check out rain gutters out and clean them, as necessary.


Even if you do not have any trees tight next to your house, do the inspection anyway. You might be surprised at what you find in your rain gutters.  Small toys can easily make their way into the rain gutter and then down into the spout drain.  In many cases these toys will block the flow of water down the drain pipe.


Take a look at the branches that are over hanging that area of your roof where your rain gutters are.  It may be time to trim those branches back before the cooler Fall weather causes them to fall in bulk amounts onto your roof and then into your rain gutters.



We just had our first measurable rain out here on the West Coast.  As I expected, 3 out of four of my rain gutter drains were clogged with leaves.  I grabbed my tall step ladder and proceeded to pull the leaves out of the gutter and out of the drain.


To make sure that the gutter drains were clear, I used my 2-gallon watering can to flush the downspout out, just to make sure nothing was preventing the smooth flow of water down the spout and out the bottom.


To help prevent rain gutter clogs, The Home Depot carries Gutter Guards that are installed directly over your gutter drain and there are the rain gutter covers that come in a variety of styles.


Take the time to check out your rain gutters before it becomes a problem. 


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Posted 2016-10-28T19:26:17+0000  by Rick_HD_OC Rick_HD_OC