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How to Convert a Recessed Light into a Hanging Light Fixture

Hello community,


I have seen quite a few weekend projects in my lighting department as so late pertaining to converting your existing recessed can lights into a hanging light. The good news is, as long as it is under 25 lbs and not a ceiling fan, we sell a product just for this! 


Shown below, this product goes directly over the housing of the re light AFTER the trim has been removed. It should also be known that this works only on 6" recessed light housing.

Recessed Can Light Adapter-Hampton Bay.JPG

It comes with not only the ring adapter, but also a socket adapter that screws into the existing recessed socket in the housing. Two lead wires come off of the adapter, letting you safely hard-wire any new fixture being attached to it.



This means you can now safely install any track lights, fluorescent strip lighting, or a light-weight chandelier in place of where your recessed light used to be. As stated earlier, this isn't meant for heavier fixtures and definitely not suited for ceiling fan installations. To properly remove a recessed light housing and replace with a junction box rated for a heavy fixture/ceiling fan, refer to an earlier post on the community entitled Change Electric Fixture.


And there you have it, the simplest way to install a new light from your old recessed light!


Any further questions on this product, please feel free to ask us here.





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Posted 2012-08-06T19:28:21+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL
This will work with 4in recessed also. The toggle bolts go on either side of the can into the sheetrock.
Posted 2012-08-16T21:04:18+0000  by Stukas
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