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Project Ideas: Seasonal & Holiday

How to Create an Easter Moss Tree

Spring Moss Tree

Create a little spring in your home with these basic, easy to assemble moss trees!

These pyramidal, topiary trees can be left simply stated and basic, or they can be dressed up and embellished for holidays and seasonal changes.


Heavy duty scissors or tin snips

Paint brush


Protective eye gear

Tape measure

Chicken wire

Clay pots


Sheet moss

Spray adhesive

Chalky finish paint

Step 1: Using a large piece of paper create a cone shape that will fit into the pot that you will be using.  This will help you to make a pattern-model, for the correct size. I formed a cone that would fit the opening of a 6” clay pot.

Step 2: Create your wire form by cutting a piece of chicken wire that measures 24”X 20” or; whatever size you are choosing to make let your paper cone be your template. Be sure to wear good thick gloves and eye protection. I used my all-purpose, heavy duty shears, to cut the chicken wire.

Step 3: With gloves still on: Roll the chicken wire into a cone shape. Be careful to not push down too hard and bend the wire causing folds in the wire, you want to create tight wrap. I found it easier to start at the top point then work down and around, use the pointed wire ends to grip and grab the side edges as it forms. You can also cut small strips of wire from the roll and use them to twist the edges together.

Step 4: The bottom edge will be uneven and staggered, place your pot up underneath the cone; so you can visualize where the cone needs to be trimmed to fit the pot. Mark the row of hexes you will be snipping to make an even edge.

Step 5: Place you wire tree form on your pots, and adjust the height if need to. The wire edge will act as grips to hold the form on the pots. Always pick the trees up by the pots to not unseat the form.

Step 6: Open the bag of sheet moss and pull it out and lightly pull at it, straightening and flattening it into manageable pieces. Starting at the cone inside point, push the moss up and into the chicken wire cone: working around, pushing, and pressing it through the openings a bit. The sheet moss is a natural product, colors may vary from bag to bag, I saved the most vivid bits of green moss to push in at the end of filling the cone.

Step 7: When the forms are filled with the moss, lightly mist spray adhesive over the moss. This will keep the moss from shifting, and keep it in place.

POTS:  If you choose to you can paint your pots, or leave them in a natural clay state.

I painted my pots and saucers with Americana Chalky Finish paint; it is easy to apply, goes on smooth and dries very fast! Once the pots and saucers were painted and dry, I distressed them with a quick rub of a sanding sponge along the edges.

Final Step: Place the moss trees forms onto pots, then crimp, bend the wire along the bottom of the form around the pot rim to keep them in place, this will allow you to change the pots or paint them a different color. Always pick the trees up by the pots.


Tie up your moss tree project with a beautiful ribbon for the finishing touch!

These moss trees are just the right start for a new season, great for Saint Patrick's Day with a bit of green ribbon, or for Easter with chocolate eggs surrounding the saucer...or deck out with sea shells for the summer, and acorns for the Fall!   It is a "moss" have!!  

Create a few moss trimmed nests to display with your moss trees for a total springtime seasonal display!

I just love moss: the texture, the colors, the natural basic appeal; check out the grow your own moss recipe on: Bring on the moss post. 

Happy Spring, enjoy the season....enjoy every season,   Maureen 



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