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How to Cut Vinyl Flooring

Of all flooring types out there today, none is as easy to cut and trim as vinyl-based flooring

All you really is a sharp utility knife and a straight edge after marking where it needs cutting. A good example of this is the Husky Folding Knife, shown below.

Be mindful that are some thicker vinyl-based may require you to cut or score the line deeper than just one time. In the case of a straight edge, it's always best to use metal as a material when possible (wood can warp).

Since vinyl is such a thin and easy material to cut, this makes it a great choice for a do-it-yourself flooring option. It's really that simple.

For a lot of cuts or you need to cut circular shapes in the flooring, opt for other tools to get the job done.

At medium-speed for most models, using a jigsaw can cut through planks, sheets, and tiles that are vinyl based with a fine tooth for a blade.

For cutting holes, also use a fine-toothed blade in hole saw form with the diameter needed for installation. 

And lastly, if you have any unique or specific edges or curves where the vinyl flooring will go (think of an older style bathtub or around a pipe), opt for using a contour gauge

This special type of tool works well for those situations, and makes the final floor look professionally installed. It works by placing the contour gauge next to the curved area, and transferring the gauges shape onto the floor to be installed there. Using a China Marker or permanent marker works well in these situations when marking floor cuts.

For a durable floor inside your home, look no further than vinyl-based flooring. This includes sheet vinyl, TrafficMaster Allure and Allure Ultra, as well as vinyl peel and stick tiles

And as for cutting it, it will be a breeze following these tips.

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding vinyl flooring and cutting it, or other installation questions in general.


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