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How to Diagnose and Repair Noisy Ceiling Fans


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Winter is the perfect time to inspect and repair noisy ceiling fans ... while trapped indoors.


Turn the light on and operate your fan(s) through the full range of speed settings ... and observe carefully:


If Your Blades Wobble

1) Check to see if the blades are out of balance ... there would be an obvious vibration causing the blades to wobble while turning. This can be corrected through a trial-and-error process; applying weights to one fan blade at a time, then restarting the fan. Instructions for weight application are also included with the packaging. However, if you need replacements or they were discarded with the original packaging, go to the fan repair section at your local store and ask your Electrical Associate for fan balance weights. Fan Balancing Kits are also available online.


If Your Blades Make Noise

2) Check to see if the blade brackets are attached properly to the fan motor ... they should be pulled up snug against the bottom of the motor (just above the switch) with no visible space between the two parts. If you see a gap between the blade bracket and motor, tighten each blade bracket one at a time ... tightening the screws to ensure each blade bracket "seats" against the bottom of the motor.


3) It is also possible that the switch housing is not secure. This would be most easily noticed if you had a small gap between the bottom of the switch housing and the light, where the light attaches to the bottom of the switch housing. If you look around each side of the switch housing where the light attaches, the beveled housing of the light kit should fit snugly inside the lower edge of the switch housing. You might notice that the switch housing has been pushed up when the light was attached ... this would also account for the brackets rubbing. Make certain the switch housing is snugged down against the light ... usually a set of three screws hold the two together.


4) It is possible that replacement fan blades and brackets have been installed. If the bracket arc down and out to the blade is different from the original, this also would account for the bracket rubbing the switch housing or the motor. Remove at least one blade and bracket, and ask your Electrical Associate to verify that your blades are made for your brand of fan.

In Summary

Be productive this winter ... take time to inspect your fans.


If you notice your fans wobbling, then I would suspect #1 is the cause.


However, if your fans seem balanced when running, but make a scraping noise I would suspect #2 or #3.


Finally, if you know that the blades and brackets have been replaced, look at #4.

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Posted 2015-01-06T20:30:01+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL
Is there any way to see an exploded view of a Hampton Bay ceiling fan?
Posted 2018-05-11T13:37:28+0000  by Welby
Hello Welby.  Welcome to the Community!

Sure there is.  Pick out the fan you are interested in on  On that product page there is a section called "Info and Guides".  You will see links to pdf files for installation, user guides, replacement parts, etc.  Each of these will have exploded views of some or all of the fan.


Posted 2018-05-15T14:17:51+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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