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How to Fix & Adjust Your Door

No one likes a squeaky door, especially when you are coming home late at night or when someone is trying to sleep. Fortunately, fixing the problem is not as hard as you would think and you can fix it fast! If you are a first-time DIY’r, no sweat, you don’t need many tools to fix the problems I will be discussing here.

Squeaky Door

Nothing can be more irritating that a squeaky door, but at least there’s a fast remedy for that, dry lube! There are several dry Lubes on the market, there is WD-40 SPECIALIST,  or Blaster Dry Lube they are both excellent for keeping moving part moving quietly.  They specially formulated to cling to the surface, don’t collect dirt & dust, and long lasting. A little squirt of this stuff on the knuckles of the hinge, and you can say goodbye to squeaking.

Rattling Door

If the door closes but there is too much play when the door is closed, this could be a sign that the strike or latch plate needs adjusting. Remove the strike plate, place on a hard surface and tap the metal tab with a hammer in the direction shown in the picture, and if you do happen to move the tab too much, just tap it the opposite direction until to get the proper fit.

Loose Door or Sticking Door?

A sticking or loose door is usually a signal that the door is rubbing against the frame. This can happen for several reasons; if the door is wood, they tend to expand & contract at different times of the year depending on the humidity in your home, or if you recently painted the door, that will affect its operation and the fitment in the frame. If door is not rubbing the frame, then the hinges could be cause of the problem. Make sure there is no debris between the two hinge leafs.

Open the door wide enough so you have access the hinge screws. When you check each hinge screws, do you find that some of the screws just kept turning or worse, missing?  In either case, all screws need to be tight and flush with the hinge.

With a few simple tools around the house, and some you may not have but are easy to find, you can have a normal operating door in minutes. What you need is a toothpick, golf tee or matchstick, any of these will work just fine, you will also need some wood glue for this repair and a utility knife—if you are not allowed near sharp items, have another adult assist with this repair.

You can remove each screw one at a time, but this will take some time to repair, or you can remove the door by popping out the hinge pin, remove the door and hinges.  Once you have the removed the door from the frame, you will have taken the weight off the hinges, and you will be able to tell which hinge screws are not grabbing or stripped.  You probably better off to remove the hinges completely, before you do that, I suggest marking each half of the hinge with masking tape, so each hinge goes exactly where it was before.

To remove the hinge pin, use a slotted screwdriver and hammer to tap the hinge pin head away from the hinge, make sure you support the bottom of the door with a piece of wood, so the door does not sag or fall. If the hinge pin won't budge, take a 16 penny nail and tap the opposite end to push the nail out. If the door is solid or is glass, it may weight 50-100 pounds, so make sure you are ready to handle it.


Once you have determined which screw hole is stripped, insert your wood filler of choice (toothpick, golf tee, matchstick) depending on which one you use, you may have to insert several due to the size of the hole. Dip the filler into wood  glue, then insert it into the screw hole, let it dry for an hour. Once the glue has dried the filler in place, cut off the excess wood and put the hinge back on and screw in place, if you use a drill, use the slowest speed otherwise you will strip the hole again, or use a screwdriver.

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