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How to Fix a Leak in a Walk-in Shower?

Hi, we have a glass "walk-in" shower with a glass door, a glass enclosures on one side and the shower wall(s) on the other 2 sides enclosure and it appears that theirs a leak coming from the glass door taht is causing damage to our wood floor and I would appreciate any help and/or suggestions that you can offer. '
The "problem" is on the "short side" of the door, that is the side that just "tilts" vs the other side of the door that fully opens and closes. 
Their appears to a little space between the (my guess is that it's a) 1/4 " clear / soft silicone sealant that runs vertically down the glass shower door (that opens/closes, onto "the wall") taht is visable when you stand outside of the shower.
I believe that "shower water" runs down the shower door and seeps it's way out of the shower enclosure and slowly drips onto the wood floor in front of the shower entrance.
I am thinking of getting a piece of clear silicone (similar to what is installed on the "thin side" of the shower door) and placing it on the wall to "plug" this gap where I believe water is coming in.
As you can tell, I don't have a FIY mindset and would appreciate ALL the help that you can offer including the name of the part(s) that I may need and where (what department) I should look in?
Thank you for your help,
P.S. - I should add that the silicone probably should be 1/4" thick, clear in color and I will need about 6 feet
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Posted 2012-08-08T18:00:40+0000  by boblink boblink