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How to Get a Replacement Part for a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Hey everyone,


I had a question from user frankcapone. In it he writes:



i need a replacement light switch for Hampton bay fan


SKU 522-306

SN 007820  1

UPC 792145330363

vendor  11289

date 8/02

Any help in locating this part would be greatly appreciated


Well, I would first say that having all your SKU/Model/UPC information is a great start for finding a replacement part for your fan. For those who don't know, for us to assist you greater for replacement parts for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan (glass, blades, etc.), you will need to know this information.


Since your fan is no longer sold at our stores or online, it is imperative you contact Hampton Bay for additional information.


Luckily, the make/model can be found on the top of your ceiling fans motor housing. For flush-mounted fans, you will need to take the fan down safely to obtain the information. More information can be found on the post entitled: How to I fix my Hampton Bay ceiling fan?



While some parts can be easily replaced sometimes at your local Home Depot, certain parts must be ordered through Hampton Bay, which is what we are doing today. I'd recommend calling first since some parts may be unique and specific to your Hampton Bay fixture.


After finding the information like our user did, you can then contact Hampton Bay directly at their customer service line below.



Again, having the information on your fan is crucial to getting the right replacement part. Once you find the replacement part you need, they can tell you whether or not they can order it, or obtain it at your local store.


Let us know if you have any questions regarding your fan that wasn't addressed here.



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