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How to Hang a Vinyl Banner Outside

I need help! I am trying to hang a 4x8 banner outside. I am looking for what would be the best way to hang it between two posts...what material is best for the posts? How do I do this? I wanted a premade stand but they are too expensive and shipping is crazy! SOS.

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Posted 2013-03-30T05:33:15+0000  by dominic_edwards dominic_edwards

Good morning dominic_edwards,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Fortunately, there is more than one solution to help you hang your 4x8 banner outside.


If its is a vinyl banner, it sounds like it won't be a permanent installation, so you can use some inexpensive materials to get it started.


As for the posts themselves, you can use items like 2" x3" lumber  or similar lumber that can be placed into the ground upright. You'll need to use  a post hole digger to get the hole started, and you can fill in the hole with the same soil.


If the sign will be placed outside for a long time (more than a week), you can use pressure-treated lumber and fill the hole with concrete to ensure the sign holds up for a while. I find that using simple nylon twine wrapped around the posts and tying it off gives it a good install.


You can also give the sign reinforcement along the 8 foot length by way of using 1/2" PVC pipe. Simply fold the edges over and staple them together, while the PVC pipe is inside the fold. It's optional, but it can help with holding the sign up for it to be legible.


There are other options you can use as well such as metal rebar and nylon twine to help keep the sign tight.


Was this sign something that was going to be installed just for an event? Did it come with anything else beside the banner itself?


Keep us updated and let us know how you want the sign to be placed, and we can give you further assistance.




Posted 2013-03-30T14:55:05+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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