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How to I fix a Pocket Door that is off the track, inside wall of course,& this track is loose?

Problem with a nifty but failing Pocket Door.  I have a heavy Oak six panel door installed as a Pocket Door.  The track for this door is recessed over head in the wood work, and the farthest end of this track inside the wall is loose.  The rollers on the door have been falling off the unstable track and it is increasingly difficult to use. 


First repair, someone cut a hole in the bathroom wall and repaired the wall..sort of. This repairman thinks we will have to take out the whole wall.  HELP.


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Posted 2013-07-09T23:01:42+0000  by PammE2 PammE2

Pocket doors can be kind of tricky and it takes some experience to install one properly.  Good hardware is essential, especially for a heavy, solid core door.  Johnson Hardware would be a good place to start for that.


You may have to remove a portion of the wall to make the repair properly.

Posted 2013-07-10T15:57:59+0000  by Adam444
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