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How to I remove built-in shelves

I'm wanting to redo the shelving in my laundry room, but I'm not sure how to remove the builder's shelves. There aren't any visible mounting points--it simply appears to be a floating shelf.
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Posted 2013-11-17T18:59:44+0000  by Mooseymosey Mooseymosey

There could be two possible ways it is attached...


Most of the time those shelves will have a bracket in the back that lets a screw slide into - that's attached to the wall.

So, you will allow the screw head to enter the bracket and then slide the shelf down over the screw head to secure it in place. To remove it, just do the opposite by lifting the back of the shelf up off the screw head (you may need to give it a pop to get it started)


The other way is that the shelf slide into a brace that is attached to the wall. To remove, just try to evenly pull it forward until it pops off the brace.


Lastly, if nothing seems to work then you may have to pry it off and risk damaging the wall. No problem :smileywink: Just patch and paint to make it like it never happened.

Posted 2013-11-17T19:43:57+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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