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How to Icemaker Installation Kit On your home Plumbing

I have never installed the Icemaker installation on home plumbing. How would I do it and where would I start? I have wood flooring and all plumbing is under the house. How would I connect to the exsiting plumbing? Thank you in advance for any answers recieved. 

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Posted 2013-10-03T19:50:20+0000  by EJkeith EJkeith

Hi EJKeith,


The ice maker water line kits we sell include all of the necessary parts you will need.


First, locate a good cold water source. This could be a laundry supply or the supply to your kitchen sink. Always choose the easiest route.


Depending upon the type of piping you have in the home the supplied saddle may or may not work.


If your home has iron pipe plumbing the associates at your local Home Depot can show you the pieces necessary to attach a shut off valve to iron pipe.


If you have copper pipe, the saddle valve supplied in the kit will clamp unto the pipe before the faucet shutoff valve and will pierce the pipe the first time you close it.


You then simply run the water line through the kitchen cabinets or the attic whichever is an easier path to the back of the refrigerator.


Attach the line to the refrigerator,  turn on the valve and check for leaks.


Once it’s hooked up run approximately two gallons of water through the dispenser to clear any line in the line.


Once you have purged the line you all set!



Posted 2013-10-03T22:22:09+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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