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How to Install Multiple Blinds Side by Side in a Large 3 panel window

I have a large triple window (109.5"x51" outside measurement), two outer windows @28" and center window at 53.5", that currently has one large vertical blind covering it. How would I install new blinds side by side?  I've got the measurements and the blinds - just not sure how to make sure the head rails line up properly.  I have enough trouble trying to keep a single blind level, never mind 3.  Any insight is appreciated.

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Posted 2018-09-08T03:04:49+0000  by DanNJ DanNJ
What you need to remember is that most people are not very good at judging distances or maybe "deviations" as in the case of a blind being out of level.  Our eyes work from a reference point and the greater that reference point is from whatever you're trying to make "level" the more difficult it is to people to judge.

In the case of something like blinds, if the window doesn't have trim around it or the trim is covered by the blinds the nearest reference point is the ceiling (or the line created where the wall and ceiling meets).  Make the center blind level to the ceiling.  In other words, measure down from the ceiling installing your mounting brackets at the same distance from the ceiling.  For the two side blinds, the critical point is where the two side blinds meet the center blind, so those have to be dead on.  Then just measure down from the ceiling for the other ends.
Posted 2018-09-08T23:58:53+0000  by Adam444
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