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How to Install a Pocket Door

How do you install a pocket door

My bathroom is in the hallway

How do you install one

where is there a video to watch

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Posted 2013-09-23T20:14:32+0000  by dgm4360 dgm4360

Hi DGM4360,


Pocket doors come as a kit with either a metal or wooden frame ready to install in the wall.


First you will have to remove the drywall or plaster on the wall where you want the door to be placed.


Next you will have to modify the wall studs to accept the pocket door frame. This will include installing a header to support the structure above and pocket door frame and track.


If you’re using a wooden frame, set it in place and secure it to the header and wall studs.


If you have a metal frame, install studs to support the metal track.


Next hang the door and test it for proper action and alignment. Then install the lower door guides, if they are included with the door.


Once you’re sure the door is aligned properly and works smoothly, replace the drywall or plaster wall surface, and paint the wall and door.


Finally attach the door casing and base board and finish as necessary.


There are a number of videos on you-tube which will give you some additional ideas for your job. I have included a link to the Johnson Hardware pocket door installation video below.



Posted 2013-09-23T22:08:54+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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