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How-to Make Pallet Headboard


Hello everyone in the community!


I’d like to showcase a project with you guys that I completed back in November of 2012…

I figure now it’s a perfect time to get it posted :smileytongue:  



As you can see, this was a headboard that was constructed out of used pallets. I believe I used a total of three pallets, one 1x4-12 board, box of finishing nails and quart of polyurethane. Total cost of the project was about 35 dollars.


Here’s how I did it:


I’ve cut one length of 1x4-12 into a three 4’ pieces; goal was to make a 4’x4’ headboard.

Next I’ve positioned cut pieces onto the floor, about 16 inches apart, and nailed the pallet planks in the opposite/perpendicular direction of the cut boards.


FYR originally pallet planks were nailed to the pallet base with special “screw” nails so after one or two attempts to pry them off I’ve decided to cut them off instead. I ended up using the reciprocating saw equipped with bi-metal blade. This also allowed me to keep the nails head in the planks which, IMO, it turned out to be kinda cool.



Once all of the planks were nailed down, I decided to add some kind of design to the sides and the top of the headboard.


Basically I took some extra pallet planks and I’ve made a |_| shaped border all around the headboard starting with the sides first. In other words I left the backside of the design border open and that was mainly to reduce the weight and materials used.


 And here it is:



A one of the kind pallet headboard :)



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