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How to Make a Custom Magnet Board

One of the most fun projects you can do is to make a customized magnetic board. In this post, I'll go over how to make a small format magnet board step by step. For a larger version of a magnet board, please click here to read about it.

Let's get started!




STEP 1: The very first thing you'll do is to obtain all your supplies from your local Home Depot store. Once you have all your tools and supplies, use a work area where you can cut and paint the wood.

STEP 2: Now, begin to mark out where you'd like to custom cut the plywood. Carefully cut out the shape with the jigsaw, cutting slowly. 

STEP 3: After getting the custom shape of the magnet board, you will then need to sand the edges with a power sander or sandpaper to ensure all edges are smooth.

STEP 4: After removing the sawdust from the plywood using paper or shop towels, now you are ready to apply the magnetic primer. This is the most important step of the entire project and the primer must be in good condition to effectively magnetize the plywood sheet.

Making sure the magnetic primer is flowing freely without clumping or thickness is important to getting the best out of it. To do this, make sure the primer has been mixed (shaken) at your local Home Depot for at least 3 minutes minimum before using it. 

Even though it has been thoroughly mixed via a paint shaker at the store, you'll need to get some paint stirring sticks handy to ensure none of the metallic elements in the primer settles afterwards.

Stir constantly before and during application so you'll get smooth thin coats. 

Unlike other oil or latex based primers, this special magnetic type requires at least 3 coats for it work properly. With that said, just one quart is needed to cover the entire front face of the plywood with plenty leftover (for other magnetic projects!)

If done properly,  you can do 3 good consistent coats, and then do 2 more to ensure all areas are covered if you wish.

The key is to constantly stir the primer as well use thin coats only after the previous coat is completely dry. Be patient at this step; it will serve you well when the magnets and top coats of paint  are on it later.

STEP 5: After ensuring that the primer is completely dry, you can now begin to top coat the primer and plywood. 

Use the foam rollers to paint the blue top coat paint and then after that is dry, use the artist brush to give a white contour on the edges.

STEP 6: After making sure the paint is dry, now you are ready to mount the magnet board. Use double-sided mounting tape (Command adhesive strips by 3M work very well) to mount your creation and enjoy!

With a customized magnet board, the sky is the limit to how you want it to be made. You can always alter the colors and shape to make it truly as unique as you are!

And as always, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us here.


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