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How to Prepare for a Storm or Disaster

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If you get notice of a big event early, here's a few suggestion of how to prepare:



1. Make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working-people are killed by that and fires during power outages!


2. If you have an fireplace-and don’t have wood to burn… fill with candles and make sure the flue is OPEN


3. Cover windows and doors with blankets-try to heat only one room


4. If you get some warning fill up empty water bottles and freeze them- for extra water-and will keep things cold for a little longer!


5. If you have warning--charge all cell phones and laptops a.s.a.p.!—By the way, texting uses much less power!


6. Gather all working flashlights, lanterns, candles, and batteries in the same location.


7. Layer clothing.


8. Remember to eat perishables first


9. DO NOT use propane or charcoal grill to heat a room-it eats up oxygen that you need, many people are killed by using these inside the house.


10. If you are in an area that freezes-let your faucet drip…it keeps water flowing!


11. Make cookies or a pie before the storm- and open the stove when done-heat the room!


You thought you were prepared for the power to be out- and the zombies to attack-

but the power is out , it’s cold and most of your batteries  are dead-so what do you do?



How to Create an Area Light:



Use a head light-strap it to an empty or full water bottle, it will give a glow to a room. You can also use a glow stick in the water- if you have plenty of it.




The kids are scared and want a light-take a mason jar and slip a small glow stick in water- makes a good nite light. You can also use glow bracelets and necklaces the same way.



How to Create a Quick Space Heater:

Use clay pots and/or a loaf pan.


The larger pot then goes on top.




Remember when using candles make sure the room is ventilated and away from fire hazards!



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